Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?


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Ryan Cordell

Sabotaging since 2 Feb 2013

Ryan is a final year student of War Studies and History at King's College, London. As an aspiring writer and copywriter he spends the bulk of his time away from his studies, as well as during his studies, writing. His particular interests are foreign policy, sport and music, but he will write about anything that sparks his interest at any given time. You can find him rambling about a variety of interests, but mainly football, on Twitter at @rcordell1 and view all of his work published work at If you love a good analogy and a cracking pun, chances are you'll get along..

My Articles

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How Canada Became the Pioneers of Modern Terrorism

Believe it or not, Canada is actually at the forefront of modern day terrorism. The Front de liberation du Quebec are firing off rounds and lighting up buildings in the name of freedom…

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The Harlem Shake & The Less-Than-Subtle Art of “WTF?”

The new dance craze that has recently taken the internet by storm is blowing minds everywhere. But what does it say about modern day society?

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Why Soldiers Shouldn’t Earn Footballers Wages

Witnessing people exasperate over the injustices of the respective salaries of professional footballers and professional soldiers is essentially fruitless. Here’s why…

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