Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?Sabotage Times, We can't Concentrate so Why Should You?

World Cup Winning Beards

Every right-minded individual knows that when it all boils down, it's not goals that matter in life but beards and henceforth this World Cup will be judged on facial hair alone.

The World Cup 2010.  828 hacking, knackered meat lumps going after a branded balloon on their last jolly before the glue factory.  Even though it started worse than my attempts to chat up women, it’s becoming remarkably absorbing.  There’s been plenty to distract me from the worst things in life, like working, people, and working in the same office as people.   I admit that, apart from the beards, most of my enjoyment has been to witness the puzzled face of the hapless England fans I am paid to tolerate.

‘Why can’t Lamps play well?’

‘Why can’t Stevie score?’

‘It’s all the Foreign Man’s fault.  He‘s.  Not. English.  I don‘t understand.  Where‘s a plastic seat for me to launch at passers-by?

I can’t wait to see the capitulation against Germany.  This is though all but frippery.  You know what matters.  It’s a summary of the World Cup Beards!

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ian 7:46 pm, 27-Jun-2010

David Villa scores for Spain and he has the worst attempt at a beard ever - it's just a bit of fluff on his chin that he forgot to shave.

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