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Tottenham Deadline Day Review: Moutininooooooooo

by Ben McAleer
1 September 2012 23 Comments

Lloris and Dempsey arrived, Van der Vaart left, but there was one final piece of the puzzle that Spurs couldn't find to complete the jigsaw on deadline day...

It’s a well known fact that Tottenham Hotspur’s transfer window never starts until deadline day itself. Daniel Levy regularly makes his move when the deadline is quickly approaching. Fans have, at times, welcomed this, others not so much. The departure of Luka Modric on Monday kick-started the merry-go-round at White Hart Lane and it continued to pick up pace as time ticked closer to Friday’s 11pm deadline.

Moussa Dembele arrived on Wednesday from Fulham, but it wasn’t until deadline day that Spurs really began to make their movements. It started with a bang, with the news that Rafael van der Vaart was to complete a move back to Hamburg, the team he left in 2008 for Real Madrid. A fan favourite, yes, but it remains to be seen whether he could be incorporated into Andre Villas-Boas’ high pressing game.

The Dutchman completed his long awaited return to Germany early on Friday afternoon, meaning there was time for an adequate replacement to come in. Sky Sports News initially broke that Spurs had agreed a club record £22m fee with FC Porto for summer long target Joao Moutinho. This was quickly followed up by the reports of Hugo Lloris at the lodge.

Pictures began to reach televisions across the country; the France captain was indeed in North London. Jumping for joy, fans began salivating at the prospect of the duo turning out at White Hart Lane and can you blame them? Both were tracked by the club for much of the summer. Then the rumours began to get silly; could Fernando Llorente really be amongst the trio arriving at Spurs in the greatest deadline day ever?

Sky Sports News initially broke that Spurs had agreed a club record £22m fee with FC Porto for summer long target Joao Moutinho.

Supporters were excited, only to see their hopes dashed that evening. Spurs had failed to agree personal terms with Moutinho and the deal looked to be off. Surely it shouldn’t be that hard to fork out the extra wages to bring Villas-Boas’ top target to White Hart Lane? The seconds turned to minutes; minutes to hours and as the clock ticked towards 11pm, fans were to end up disappointed.

Moutinho hadn’t arrived, while a bid for Llorente had been turned down as quickly as it had been lodged. However, it wasn’t all doom and gloom; the speculation surrounding Lloris’ move quickly began to filter down through the media. Spurs had secured the signing of the France captain for *just* £8.9m. A shrewd acquisition would be an understatement; Lloris is one of the finest goalkeepers in world football and at only 25-years-old, will only get better.

However, with Spurs missing out on Moutinho, the same couldn’t be said about Clint Dempsey. Reports all days suggested Liverpool were front-runners for the American, but after news filtered through that the Reds couldn’t agree a fee with Fulham, the North London side snuck in and lodged a bid for the 29-year-old.

Over an hour passed before it was confirmed that Dempsey had indeed secured a switch to White Hart Lane. A shock to some, maybe, but a good signing it has to be said. All in all with the likes of Danny Rose and Giovani Dos Santos departing, the former on-loan, Spurs’ deadline day has been, in a word; good, but not great.

Great would’ve seen Moutinho arrive and would’ve seen Spurs add the deep-lying playmaker the club so desperately need to replace Modric. The departure of Van der Vaart is disappointing, but he didn’t fit into Villas-Boas’ system and has regularly stated his intent to return to Hamburg in the past. A deadline day that could’ve been better, but isn’t worth jumping off a bridge about. As fans of any club would say; onwards and upwards.

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image descriptionCOMMENTS

FALAH HAMDI 8:26 am, 1-Sep-2012

The days of Mr. LEVY are very short

John 8:34 am, 1-Sep-2012

Load of bull usual last day messing by spurs, if a deal was so close I presume the pre contract is done and dusted for jan

Paul 8:35 am, 1-Sep-2012

No Moutinho means disaster for me. We have failed yet again to sign our top target and replaced world class players with good solid players. Levy has screwed it up im afraid

malcolm 8:48 am, 1-Sep-2012

What a load of rubbish,mid table until jan,then maybe put it right and move on from there.

Mattaaaay 8:48 am, 1-Sep-2012

Hopefully we'll go back to get Moutinho and Damiao in January. So we'll welcome 2 great fresh players, improving not only the quality of the side but our strength in depth. I'm disapointed about Moutinho but excited about Dembele and Lloris. When Kaboul returns from injury that will be like a new signing. Fingers crossed Caulker gets a start today, he's great, but i'm worried about the lack of game time he's getting. Squad for Norwich (If last nights transfers can play)(4-2-3-1): Lloris, Walker, Caulker, Vertonghen, BAE, Sandro, Dembele, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale, Adebayor. COYS!!!

david mylam 8:53 am, 1-Sep-2012

any idea on why we did not sign a striker. Mountinho maybe good but surely a striker is what we needed? Other business was good vert,sigi,demps,dembe, but no striker???

Peter4Spurs 8:58 am, 1-Sep-2012

If the deal for Joao had really been on then Spurs would have pushed for a loan until Jan then made a Spurs player, this is Levy all over, no we have no creative edge in the middle and I fear another season wasted. Levy should go now before he does any more damage, yes he has turned things round but nobody is bigger than the club and he thinks he is.

Billbailey 9:02 am, 1-Sep-2012

Peter4spurs you are a plum

srupsman 9:04 am, 1-Sep-2012

disappointed ? yes, excited ? f*!$ yes ! Lloris could turn out to be the difference between 3rd and 4th,Dempsey will score his fair share, add Dembele and Siggy and over-all i`m happy. coys

Newts 9:13 am, 1-Sep-2012

After the deadline Skysports were sayin that spurs didnt want to comment if the deal was done or not... so do we say the deal wasnt done? cause im still thinking the dealcould still happen

Chris 9:21 am, 1-Sep-2012

Classic Levy. Once again misses out on a big signing. Pretty sure he has no intention of ever signing players like Moutinho, just pretends he has, as, we seem to miss out time and time again

TCKiddo 9:34 am, 1-Sep-2012

No need to be negative. Levy is running a healthy business. We still havent allowed AVB enough time to show his ideas on how to win football matches. For me any quality team needs midfielders who have the ability to score goals. Not one of modric's talents. Bringing in Siggi, Clint and Mousa adds a different property to the squad. We know Jenas and Hudd are also highly capable of seeing the back of the net. Parker, Sandro and Jake aren't known for their goal scoring abilities. Finding ways of getting our goal scoring midfielders into goal scoring positions is the key to our success. I think there are many ways of achieving that. Give AVB a chance to solve the puzzle. He will do it. A top 4 will be tough this season, but AVB is IMO going to move us in the right direction. It's the league title we should be aiming for. Not quite there yet, but hopefully on the right track

Gary De Forest 9:50 am, 1-Sep-2012

So Van der Vaart wouldn't have fit into "the system". Let's remember it's as yet an untried system -- except for two failures so far. Hope AVB knows what he's doing because missing out on the prime target of Moutinho means he's got Dembele and Dempsey as a creative midfield in for Modric and VDV. Someone please tell me he has a Plan B contingency if he missed out on Moutinho.

Simon 10:01 am, 1-Sep-2012

Typical levy, another transfer window and again a profit. No marquee signing. He expects other teams to sell to us for minimal value and then wants top price for our players. With a gap or should I say chasm in midfield for creativity the season will be long and fruitless. As for the January transfer window, watch out for a few more leaving and couple of freebies in, profit again mr levy i presume??

danny 11:01 am, 1-Sep-2012

Yes levy is not pulling out all the stops needed but did we really need vdv and modric???? Two players who wanted to leave so what's the point in keeping two spoilt sulking brats!!!!!! We signed a great keeper a good forward in dempsy and a good and could be great midfield player so why is everyone moaning give avb a chance we've got a great squad and we can get 4th so have faith in your club and team if not why support them!!!!!! I'm a spurs fan through and through and won't slag someone off if they not had a chance to prove them selves!!!!!!! Just have faith and don't forget January mouthino could come in then but I'm sure one player doesn't make a team it takes team work and I'm positive we will succeed we've got a stronger squad this season than any other season so have faith come on spurs!!!!!!!

Paul 11:20 am, 1-Sep-2012

Gotta be happy with our signings ( gutted about VDV though ) lets give them and AVB a chance before we all start writing the season off , Dempsey got a lot of goals in a fairly average side last season , could be a bargain at £6 million !!

Boon 11:30 am, 1-Sep-2012

Not true about Levy pretending to have interest in buying Moutinho. Negotiations went on late into the night until 12.30am - they couldn't resolve complications due to 3rd party ownership of the player, endowing them with 15% of his salary and 25% of profits should he be sold. They asked for extension to deadline but was rejected. It's sad for Spurs because w/o Moutinho I could see them struggle to circulate the ball and create in the middle of the park. I think Levy leaving it so late on such an important player backfired in this particular deal, although his moves for Lloris and Dempsey are simply brilliant. Overall, in almost all other departments, Spurs are strengthened and moving in the right direction, after an impressive transfer window - but the missing out of Moutinho especially after both Modric and VDV have left is deeply disappointing, and could hurt their chances for a Champions League spot.

Spursfan1882 1:10 pm, 1-Sep-2012

We go in to the transfer eindow with a good strong squad. I feel we have come out of it car weaker and back to where we were 5 years ago!!! Bad bad buisness this window Daniel, hugo is a great signing but Dembele and Dempsy...?? VDV gone, Modric gone (even though that was expected!)...where is or creativity coming from now...? Typical Levy, wants big money for selling players but just wont pay the money, even for the top players! If its true Moutinho wanted £80k a week then pay it!!! Thats what having the best players cost! We will never win anoter trophy until we spend some money! Midtable finish this season!

notborn yesterday 10:09 pm, 1-Sep-2012

Surprised that those commenting on the minute details of the failure to complete Moutinho's transfer are unaware of or won't acknowledge the following quote. "Negotiations were complicated by Moutinho's former club Sporting Lisbon who would take 25 per cent of any sale from Porto, while a third-party investor also owns 15 per cent of the player's economic rights." Classic Levy? This is Levy all over? Spurs asked for a short leeway as the ownership unravlleing was agreed. Don't let facts spoil a good prejudice. Suppose we'll get a chorus of bring back Irving Scholar. Probably don't know who he was!!!!!

tokyoyid 4:18 am, 2-Sep-2012

Levy is a foolish man dragging out the Moutinho transfer till the last few minutes and then missing out....why adopt such a high-risk strategy for a few mm? When Spurs don't make CL this year the club will lose out on 20mm+. That's being obstinate and daft at the same time....not a good outcome. Could it have been a secret till the last day that there were other parties involved other than Porto and Spurs? I seriously doubt it. Levy thinks he is the Club. Another wasted opportunity. Fed up with his antics and ENIC's ownership. As for AVB all I can say is "Hidden Talent, Crouching Cock" sick of this season already

wiseone 4:25 am, 2-Sep-2012

William for his desire to play for spurs, might be the missed opportunity. Desperately wanted dzeko, or lorente, if we got this right then i would have no regrets, I'm observing defensive weaknesses in the team probably as a result of the absence of kaboul and Parker and it's annoying we just cant do anything about it, substituting sandro and Defoe has proven to weaken our attack, so, in the absence of reliable defence one might need to maintain stronger attack , and i think we need to score 2goals in the first half and 4:4:2 might help the team?? I hope.

Paul 10:43 pm, 2-Sep-2012

If AVB swallowed his pride , put Dawson in the side and reverted back to 4-4-2 , I think we'd be a few points better off !! Playing Gallas ?? What's that all about ??

SP 11:01 pm, 7-Feb-2013

Ha Ha - don't know why this has suddenly resurfaced, but it was way funny reading all those doom-mongers stating as almost-fact (which is how they really do seem to see their pressimistic predictions) about how disastrous everything was and mid-table obscurity awaited ROFL Would be nice if just one ofthem had the gall to come on and admit how prattish they had been - unfortunately, by being a member of several fan-sites, I know that this ilk will be too busy stating emphatically that the January window was a disaster and fourth has been blown, to actually focus on how they have been wrong, wrong, wrong,for several seasons now ROFL *2

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