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The Fans' Season Preview: Blackpool

by John Robb
11 August 2010

Can we have DJ Campbell back, Charlie Adams on top form again, and everybody singing after three, 1,2, 3... "We are the butters, we come from the sea..."

Ian Holloway

All of the best managers do the victory dance

Team: Blackpool

Hopes for the season: That we qualify for Europe or failing that maybe just say up!

Fears for the season: Relegation…but I believe in Ian Holloway to guide us to the holy Grail of lower mid table…

Fixture looking forward to most? This Saturday playing Wigan has never been more exciting…first top level game for 40 years and it oddly feels right..

After that .. Man united away last game of season…as the manager says the pressure is on them as they will need the points more than us because we will be safe and sound by then!

Have you got the right manager? Definitely if there was ever a club and manager that matched each other this is it…Holloway’s passion, intelligence and irreverence has been a breath of fresh air round the club and the town…

Player you’d most like to sign? Be great to get Stanley Mathews back but failing that DJ Campbell who was on fire on loan for us last year would be great.

Which player should we look out for and why? Charlie Adams was great last year and his loyalty has been appreciated…he could set the premiership on fire this season

Which player would you love to ditch and why? I’m happy with what we have, Holloway has turned us into a hard working unit  who play hell for leather attacking football..what’s there not to love?

Tell us something we dont know about your club? Its tangerine not orange!

What won’t happen this season? Relegation

Favourite chant? Used to love the ‘tower power’ chant and ‘we are the butters, we come from the sea…’

Any other news? We were favourites to go down last year as well…

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